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Covid-19 Policy

Covid 19 Policy
Take care of yourself and others. If you don’t feel well, stay home.
At Basically Ballet our goal is to keep our students and instructors healthy. Our Covid 19 policy follows the Sacramento County Health Order of July 29, 2021 which requires that everyone entering an indoor facility wear a mask. We ask that you please have your mask in place before entering our studio.

Besides requiring students to wear masks we also do the following to reduce the risk of Covid 19, colds, and flu:
·        We use disinfecting wipes to sanitize the barres between classes and at the end of the day.
·        We use disinfecting wipes to sanitize other surfaces (doorknobs, light switches, faucet handles, etc.)  in the restrooms and in the waiting area when classes are over for the day.
·        We encourage everyone to use our hand sanitizer before and after class.
·        We encourage social distancing in class.
·        Our HVAC system was replaced to improve air quality.
·        Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to class. We have bottles of water on hand for those who forget.

Below is an excerpt from the Sacramento County Order.
“This Order directs that face coverings shall be worn, regardless of vaccination status, over the mouth and nose, in all indoor public settings, venues, gatherings, and workplaces, such as, but not limited to: offices, retail stores, restaurants and bars, theaters, family entertainment centers, conference centers, and State and local government offices serving the public.
Individuals, businesses, venue operators, hosts, and others responsible for the operation of indoor public settings must:
a. Require all patrons to wear face coverings for all indoor settings, regardless of their vaccination status;
b. Post clearly visible and easy-to-read signage at all entry points for indoor settings to communicate the masking requirements to all patrons.
c. In addition, those responsible for indoor public settings are strongly encouraged to provide face coverings at no cost to individuals required to wear them.” 

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