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Image by Jess Zoerb

Child Classes

I emphasize a non-competitive atmosphere in all my classes

Buddy and Me

Adult Caregiver req.
18 months-3 years old
45 minutes

Playtime is one of the many ways children learn important cognitive and social skills, ​so in this class, participants can play, wiggle, dance, and have fun.  Class begins in a circle on the floor where we do simple stretches and movements to music. This class is an excellent opportunity for adult caregivers to watch learning happen in “real time” and is great for shy younger dancers to gain confidence in a group setting.   

Creative Movement

3-5 years old
45 minutes

This class is designed to help 3- to 5-year-olds develop coordination, rhythm, flexibility and self-discipline as they express themselves through movement and use their imaginations. In Creative Movement, students learn to listen to and follow instructions, learn basic locomotor movements, learn simple dance terminology and concepts, are exposed to different types of music and rhythms, and learn to wait their turn. Scarves, wands, hats and other props are used.

Introduction to Ballet

5-7  years old
55 minutes

Students learn feet positions, port de bras (graceful movement of the arms), and basic barre and center exercises done in first and second position. The goal of the class is to start each student’s
dance education with a mixture of exercises requiring focus, as well as exercises that are fun and allow students to use their imagination.

Ballet I

6-8  years old
55 minutes

Students expand their ballet vocabulary by adding third position to their barre and center exercises. They start matching their movements to the counts in the music. Communicating stories, characters, and emotions through dance is emphasized in class and in performance. Flexibility and body alignment gain importance in their class work. 

Ballet II

8-10 years old
60 minutes

Students learn all the basic barre exercises and use all the feet positions. Their Ballet vocabulary is expanded, and combinations of steps are given for both barre and center work. Simple turns are introduced, and jumps are emphasized. Students are less reliant on the instructor and do more memorization of combinations of steps. 

Ballet III

10-13 years old
60 minutes

Students memorize more complicated combinations of steps for barre, longer combinations for center work, and increase their ability to turn, jump and balance. To further strengthen their muscles, they are invited to take the pre-pointe class. Ballet III students are offered more opportunities to perform.

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